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We are the Indigenous Circle of Seven relations with a common goal while honoring each tribe's spirituality and culture.


We provide collaborative, cohesive, and respectful efforts to end domestic and sexual violence within the Native American Nations and the State of Montana.


To improve urban, rural, and Native American community responses to victims of domestic and sexual violence. The Montana Native Women's Coalition has added purpose of bringing together Native American leaders and representatives from state agencies that manage and administer state and federal funding for domestic violence and programming in Montana, to improve coordination, access, and resources for native women and tribal programs. 


  • Provide Training

  • Provide Technical Assistance

  • Work closely with tribal programs, representatives, and communities to raise awareness, improve access to resources, improve communications between all systems; both tribal, state, and federal

  • Assess needs in each tribal community

  • Provide policy updates to programs, coalition members, and communities

  • Serve as a liaison to the Montana State Legislature, policy makers, and stakeholders to inform them of the needs of tribal communities and needed change for victims and their children

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